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Tales Pilot Casting Call!

By Brett on 06-26-12 - Casting

We’re back with another casting call! Share this with everyone you know because we need a TON of extras for this one. If you have no experience, no big deal, we’ll still take you! Read on my friends…


Say goodbye to the world you thought you knew…that’s easier said and done for college student Adalyn Whitaker who’s just found out things aren’t quite right in this little world. She’s been let in on the big secret, faerie tales are real and they have been living amongst us. It is up to Adalyn, with help of her two best friends Millie the Muse and Sampson the Telekinetic and her mysterious and not so friendly guardian Jaren to stop a killer who is preying on these faerie tale creatures. Adalyn’s adventures will pit her up against the big bad wolf, the Fates, and her own morality, but will Adalyn have the courage to stand and fight?

What You Should Know:

This is an unpaid shoot that will include snacks and beverages for everyone but small meals will be provided for the main cast. Shooting of the film will take place in the DFW metroplex and this is NON-UNION.

Distribution will be through the internet and will be shot in 1080p HD.

Audition Date: July 3rd at 6PM in Arlington, TX

Shoot Dates: July 28th-29th

Click the Read More button below for the character breakdowns. Send all applications with a headshot and resume to with the character you’d like to audition for.

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Casting Call: Pebble Short Film

By Brett on 06-24-12 - Casting

I’m sad it’s been so long since we’ve made a post on here. We’re still alive and kicking but things slowed down a bit for us with school and everything. Fortunately, that is done for some of us (mainly me) and we are about to jump back into this heavily. The next several months will be a roller coaster ride and you’ll be along with us. We’re working on four films right now and potentially a full-length feature to come next year. And we’ll be getting a website redesign…fresh off the press. That won’t be until next month though. In the meantime, you should check out this casting call for our next film.

1. Title: Pebble

2. Short Film

3. Synopsis: After Jefferson Thomas gets into a fight at school, his teacher, Mr. Smee, schedules a conference with Ms. Thomas. As things heat up between the teacher and his mother, Jefferson starts to wonder if Mr. Smee has ulterior motives. In the end, Jefferson strikes an unlikely bond with Mr. Smee, and acceptance among Jefferson, Ms. Thomas, and Mr. Smee is granted.

4. Character Breakdown:

Jefferson Thomas – A ten year old in 5th grade. He is repeatedly bullied by upperclassmen in middle school. He is distant and distracted, less focused on himself and more focused on his beloved jar of pebbles. His eyes are tired, but the rest of his appearance is well kept and clean.

Mr. Smee – A dedicated 5th grade teacher in his mid-30s. He has a simple appearance. He is quiet and reserved except when he takes action on a problem.

Sabrina Thomas – Ms. Thomas, 35, is Jefferson’s hard working, single mother. She is a beautiful, genuinely kind woman who dresses nicely. As kind and patient as she is, she struggles greatly in communicating with her son.

Leo – An 8th grade bully. He is dominate one between him and Steve.

Steve – An 8th grade bully. Leo’s sidekick.

Courtney – Leo’s girlfriend in 8th grade. She is the type who gets what she wants when she wants it.

5. Unpaid

6. Food/Drinks: Food and Drinks are Provided both days

7. Crew Members Needed-Particularly those experienced with sound, lighting and PA work.

8. Audition Date: June 30th starting at 10AM in Arlington, TX.

9. Shooting Dates: Shooting will take place July 14th and 15th. Rehearsals will occur one day the week before in the evening.

10. Video/Film? Video (1080p)

11. Distribution Method: Film Festival Circuit then Internet Distribution

12.Contact: Email all resumes and headshots to

13. Shooting Locations: Shooting will take place in Weatherford and Arlington

14. Union?  Non-Union

As stated above, if you want to be a part of this movie send your resume/headshots to

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DSLR Filmmaker Toolkit iPhone App

By Brett on 07-12-11 - Movie Tech

How many times are you out on set wishing you had something that simplified production? Something that would take the shot list, the slate, the various lenses and make it so that you could do all that at once? Well a new app has recently been released that does all of that and more.

It’s called the DSLR Filmmaker Toolkit and it’s designed to help make your life easier as a DSLR filmmaker. The app comes with the following items: electronic slate, shot log, viewfinder, depth of field calculator, daylight hours and spirit level. Let’s take a look at each one and see what they can do:

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Vote for Emergence in Best Zombie Web Series!

By Brett on 07-10-11 - Emergence

So we were checking out our YouTube inbox the other day and came across something that was a bit of a surprise. A new website called “ZombiEpoch” is running a poll for the Best Zombie Web Series on the web and they nominated Emergence!

This is pretty exciting as we’re up there with shows like Bite Me, Dead Patrol and The Last Stand. We’re currently in 4th place, help us get more votes! Each person can vote 5 times so tell all your friends as well! Head over to the link below to vote.


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Summer Films: Thoughts on Transformers 3

By Brett on 07-02-11 - Movie News

Way back in the day I remember getting excited for Transformers. When I was a kid I had Transformers and was in love with them. For some reason I enjoyed just transforming these things from car to robot and vice versa. I didn’t really do anything else with them because they were just like every other action figure but that little bit of innovation was enough to keep me interested.

When the first movie came out my response was something like this: “Wow. THAT WAS EPIC!” Then a few years later I saw the second movie which was not as exciting but still was a traditional Michael Bay film with enough explosions to make your own brain explode.

Fast forward to 2011 and here we are with the release of the third transformers. I recently watched the first one again to prepare for this new one and on a second watch I realized a lot of the flaws in Transformers. It was full of action but the story was weak and the acting was poor. I realized the only hooks that gave me that feeling of “THAT WAS EPIC” was the following:

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