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Infused Films

Infused Films is a small, creative independent film group with a number of talented individuals who collaborate to produce high-quality film projects. Our goal is simple: to entertain our audiences and inspire the world. We have people experienced in all aspects of the film production such as writers, cinematographers, editors, composers, graphic designers, marketing managers, directors, producers and more. Our talent is not only gifted in one thing but many things which is why we can do so much with such a small group of people.

How It All Started

It began as nothing more than a hobby. Austin Morales loved film. His passion was directing. Brett Yanoski loved design. His passion was making websites. They joined forces to begin making films for fun. A few quick shots and we had ourselves a film. There wasn’t a such thing as a script back then for us. Over time things changed and soon we were writing, directing, editing and more.

What We Do

We make films. It’s simple as that. We come up with original stories and transform them into moving pictures on the screen. We like to have our hands on every aspects of the production. It’s much more fun that way. We make everything from shorts to full-length features. We also plan to delve into video production and even some documentaries in the future.

Want to keep up-to-date on all of our projects? Keep visiting our website and be sure and check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for regular updates throughout the week.