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Infused Update + LEAKED Photo of the New Batman Trailer!

By Brett on 04-15-11 - General,Movie News

The first photo of the new Batman trailer is here! Can you believe it? Well you will have to wait until the end of the post to see it! Production of Shattered Reflections is coming along nicely. We will be posting some cast profiles here shortly, you may have seen some over at the IndieGoGo […]

Summer Time and Movies

By Brett on 04-04-11 - General

We’ve been some slow updaters lately. I want to say it’s because we’re lazy but unfortunately it isn’t that easy of an explanation. To the contrary we’re actually really busy, so busy that we do not even have time to make updates! Crazy right? Well that is about to change because summer is right around […]

Spring Break at Infused Films

By Brett on 03-17-11 - General

Hey there! Hope everyone out there is having a great Spring Break, assuming you are getting a break! It has been awhile since we have made a post. I’m happy to say it’s not because we have been lazy but instead we have been really busy! Many of you have been asking about Poppy Warriors […]

What’s to Come for Infused Films + Contest Winner

By Brett on 10-04-10 - Emergence,General,Shorts

We have a contest winner! The winning answer for Zombie Question of the Week #6 goes to Mike! He gave us a pretty good answer on his favorite weapon for a zombie attack: An automatic weapon with a large yet easy-to-reload magazine simply cannot be beat by anything else in practicality. Due to the highly […]

The Wild West…and Zombies

By Brett on 09-23-10 - General

This is for all you gamers out there (myself included). The wild west has been uncharted territory in the video game world because of the difficulty in making the gameplay interesting and fun while holding true to the time period. Shootouts can be fun for only so long. Plus for some reason people would rather […]