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Best Editing in the 48 Hour Guerrilla Film Competition!

By Brett on 06-14-11 - Featured,Shorts

We have exciting news! Those of you that have been following our Twitter and Facebook are most likely aware of this but we’re finally making the official announcement. I’m sure many of you remember we recently participated in the 48 Hour Guerrilla Film Competition. In this competition, filmmakers must write, shoot and edit a 5-7 […]

Help us Win the People’s Choice Award!

By Brett on 05-28-11 - Shorts

To the wonderful community of Infused Films, your time has come to show your dedication to the cause. It is time to rise up and take control of your destiny and show the world that you can make a difference. A few weeks back we participated in a 48 hour Guerrilla Film Contest. A new […]

Shattered Reflections Cast Profile: Devon, James and Celeste

By Brett on 05-21-11 - Shorts

After that crazy long weekend of filming the 48 hour contest, I didn’t think i’d ever get around to writing anything again! This week I’m bringing to you awesome people THREE cast profiles. Yes, 3 for the price of 2! These three are not only great actors and actresses but have also been a great […]

Shattered Reflections Cast Profile: Mom and Dad

By Brett on 05-11-11 - Shorts

Our next set of cast profiles for Shattered Reflections introduces two brand new characters who have never worked on the set of Infused Films before. When we started working on Shattered Reflections we knew we wanted to expand out and find some great new talent that could make this film even better. We auditioned a […]

Shattered Reflections Cast Profile: Kaitlin and Sienna

By Brett on 05-04-11 - Featured,Shorts

During the course of our Indie Go Go page, we were offering up some cast profiles so the potential funders could get to know the people acting in the film. I wanted to bring that to our own website so everyone that follows us can get to know who will be in our latest film. […]