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DSLR Filmmaker Toolkit iPhone App

By Brett on 07-12-11 - Movie Tech

How many times are you out on set wishing you had something that simplified production? Something that would take the shot list, the slate, the various lenses and make it so that you could do all that at once? Well a new app has recently been released that does all of that and more.

It’s called the DSLR Filmmaker Toolkit and it’s designed to help make your life easier as a DSLR filmmaker. The app comes with the following items: electronic slate, shot log, viewfinder, depth of field calculator, daylight hours and spirit level. Let’s take a look at each one and see what they can do:

Electronic Slate

  • Displays standard slate information, as well as settings specific to DSLR cameras
  • Shot logging
  • Automatic take incrementation
  • High/low contrast display modes
  • “Data Burst” displays all your slate information sequentially in a big, bold display, to ensure it is always readable

Shot Log

  • Shots are automatically logged when the slate is activated
  • Displays detailed data about every shot
  • Handles multiple productions at the same time
  • Export your log with one button press – you’ll be emailed your shot log instantly


  • Designed to simulate the framing of your DSLR camera
  • Choose from a huge list of available cameras
  • Zoom through any focal length from 35mm to 400mm (35mm is the widest due to limitations of the iPhone camera).
  • “Snapshot” an image you want to save. Your image will be saved, complete with the settings used.
  • Location data saved with snapshots – remember where, when and what settings you used. Perfect for location scouting

Depth of Field Calculator

  • Choose from a huge list of available cameras
  • D.O.F data is displayed instantly as you change the controls
  • Metric/imperial units both supported

Daylight hours

  • Displays sunrise/sunset times for your current location and time of year
  • Includes twilight hours – sunset doesnt always mean there’s no light…
  • Never run out of daylight unexpectedly again

Spirit Level

  • Works across 2 axes
  • Perfect for ensuring your tripod/dolly/crane is level

Best of all this app is only 7.99! We are going to purchase it and give it a try on future sets and see how it goes. Let us know if you happen to get it, we’d like to know what you think.

For more information check out their website at

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