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Emergence: Episode 5-”Betrayal”

By Brett on 12-18-10 - Emergence,Featured

Another Saturday, another episode of Emergence. This episode is the longest one so far just short of 12 minutes. There is an interesting story behind it as well. We’ll probably go into more detail later on when we release commentary on the episodes but i’ll give you a brief overview.

In the first half of Emergence we were renting HD cameras. This was mistake #1. With rentals, we were under a time constraint so had to get things done quickly. This camera we had was not working properly and long story short messed up our footage. We somehow managed to make it all work but we lost some footage having to do some reshoots later on with another camera and things did not come together like we wanted.

The episode didn’t turn out too bad but needless to say this isn’t our favorite one of the bunch. It is still a great episode to push the story along and shed some light on who these characters really are.  Here is a synopsis:

With things somewhat settled down, Zach and his new friends start to talk about life right before the outbreak. One of the search parties later returns with a surprise gift that turns an already tense group into mass chaos. Harsh decisions must be made if they expect to make it out alive.

I now present to you Episode 5…”Betrayal.”


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  1. Posted October 3, 2015

    Thank you guys for the work.But lol, sorry, but I just have to point out this very obvious tiosnlatran error (why did noone notice this?)In ep 47, at 03:06:Natsu does -not- tell Laxus to die. He is pronouncing shinai as shinee , which is part of the previous sentence Nothing is going to happen . He does -not- say shine! But I’m sure your translator was just a little absent minded there =)I noticed this after like 0.5 seconds, because it makes absolutely no sense for Natsu to tell Laxus to die, after he was talking about how convinced he is that Laxus is just “faking his intents/hate” like every episode. Natsu is having a duel and not fighting Laxus to death (that’s what he is thinking anyways)

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