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Emergence: Episode 6-”The End?”

By Brett on 12-25-10 - Emergence,Featured

Well here it is. Christmas Day. It’s a pretty wonderful day isn’t it? Hopefully everyone is out there spending time with their families and eating lots of food. Meanwhile, here in Emergence land, only the zombies are getting hearty meals.

I would like to first wish everyone a very Merry Christmas on behalf of Infused Films and we hope that everyone has a safe trip wherever they may be going. I’m sure you guys are planning to take time out of your busy Christmas Day to come and watch Emergence and i’m glad that you are. I’m real happy to be bringing this one out…it’s the one i’ve been waiting for.

Episode 6 is the end of Part 1. This first part was shot two summers ago so this marks the end of the filming during that summer. Between that summer and this past summer a lot happened. You’ll really be able to tell once Part 2 begins…the difference is pretty huge. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait until January 8th to see it! Don’t worry…we’ll have more stuff coming out between now and then.

“The End?” finds our survivors in need of some quick decision making. They decide (after several near misses of being eaten) that it is time to leave. When everyone thinks they’re safe a surprise realization leads one of the survivors into using some drastic measures to benefit the group as a whole. This episode is short but it is full of surprises so I hope you enjoy.

Have a great holiday and let us know what you think of the episode in the comments!

(P.S. I think we made history here by using the words “Christmas” and “zombies” in the same article.)


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