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Emergence Episode 7-”Who Am I?”

By Brett on 01-09-11 - Emergence,Featured

And so it continues…Part 2 of Emergence begins today. This is the part that we’ve been looking forward to releasing for awhile because you will see a huge difference in production value from the previous episodes. We had about 6 months between the filming for the first half and the filming for the second half and as a result, we gained a lot more experience. In addition, we bought our own camera! So that meant no more rushing to get things done because of rental fees. (Lesson #1: Don’t rent cameras.)

The second half creates more of an end goal for our survivors and you’ll see this develop as the episodes carry out. You’ll also be introduced to two new characters in this episode, Brian and Andrew. Brian was awoken with the serum and finds himself in a world nothing like his past. He meets Andrew, the only living person he has seen, and together they start their journey onward.

This particular episode was filmed in the hot Texas sun during Summer so if you see sweat, that isn’t water….it’s all real!

We hope you enjoy the episode and as always, leave a comment and tell us what you think.


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  1. guest
    Posted January 15, 2011

    Did you get better actors with the new camera?! Amazing the difference between your break. I don’t want to totally knock your previous episodes but the visual clarity is quite a bit better. The episode that you had to reshoot some scenes is one that illustrates how far you have come and is a great tool for your own growth. You have an amazing amount of potential but there are some things that still need to be resolved.

    First, your audio is still problematic. Ambient sounds often overshadow dialogue and make it inaudible and the audio seems to fluctuate. Not sure if it is a mike thing (are you using a boom?)

    Second, some of your dialogue is unrealistic. You have lengthy lines in some cases that are unnecessary. Cheesy lines can be good but it still needs to be believable. You have created some stereotypes that are unbelievable…a whiskey drinking cowboy that looks barely old enough to drink legally.

    Third, character development. This is a big one. I see this more with the early characters. I have no desire to get to know the characters with the exception of Andrew and Brian. There was one other one that was in earlier but he disappeared. I think he may be in the missing car?

    And finaly, not sure if this is more about availability but you should have more women. Usually films will keep the same number of men and women in a crisis in the beginning and a couple of strong women will stand out…some surviving. Powerful women are becoming a selling point in today’s films.

    Overall, you have already come a long way and I look forward to seeing the rest of the series and any new projects that you have coming up.

  2. guest
    Posted January 15, 2011

    There is one more point that I forgot to mention. When you are filming a series of episodes, it is very difficult to have so much going on. In early episodes you introduced chracters too quickly and didn’t give them enough of a stage for the audience to care about them. You have to have an invested audience in order to develop a following. Zombies are a great genre but it can’t be simply about creating a zombie flick. It has to have a story line. The characters don’t seem to have any clear direction. Is there a place that they are trying to get to that can ultimately save their lives? Are they trying to find specific people? Just running and getting away is normal but there should be something more concrete and that will help develop the character. Once we have a window to the character, we develop a kinship with them and the desire for them to be successful. Right now, I am willing to sacrifice the early characters if it means that Brian and Andrew live because they had a stage. You took the time to tell me about them and if you think they are important enough to take that time then it will come across on the screen.

  3. Posted January 16, 2011

    Thank you again for the great comments! I will answer some of your questions you had as well as address a few of the comments.

    The first part of the movie was filmed two summers ago and during that time we were renting cameras so we were under a tight schedule to get done what we wanted done. That was mistake #1. We also were too ambitious in the first part in what we wanted to achieve, it sounded great on paper, but executing with basically no budget was not doable. That was mistake #2.

    So this second half we learned a lot. We wrote the scripts so we had some better character development, we took out a lot of characters that shouldn’t have been in there and brought in some new ones we thought would help the story a bit more. Our camera in this second half is our own, it’s a Canon 7D and it’s a brilliant camera, the best part is this is only the 720p versions…we have them in full 1080p and they look amazing.

    Audio is our biggest issue for sure and is something we’re working hard on now. We have a boom mic but we still get some poor audio, we just picked up someone to help us with sound design so our upcoming projects should show a bit of a difference in sound quality.

    Everything you mentioned is spot on, this project was a big experiment for us. The goal was to start off with something super ambitious and then the future films will not only look better, but be much easier to execute. It may seem backwards but thus far its been helpful. So there are a lot of flaws but we feel if nothing else it’s been an amazing learning experience for all of us and we were hoping that as people watched this they would see us progressing as the series went on…and this has been the case.

    Thanks again…and we hope you stick around on our site for when we start to bring out our next projects!

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