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Emergence Episodes Behind the Scenes #5

By Brett on 03-19-11 - Emergence,Making Of

It’s a sad day. Today we are releasing the final piece of content for Emergence Episodes. You will see some shots from the final days of shooting and as you’ll see everyone said it sucked filming…mainly because the last few days we had them out there was in the blistering hot heat of Texas…in the summer. Our final day of shooting the zombies in the field it was about 105 degrees. I don’t think they enjoyed that too much, especially with blood all over them.

But as people learned, it wasn’t an Infused Films set unless you got dirty…and there was a lot of that with all the fake blood and everything we were playing around with.

I want to thank everyone who watched the entire series. We appreciate your dedication and we hope you stick around with us for our future movies!


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