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Emergence Episodes Series Finale Part 1 (The Hunt)

By Brett on 01-29-11 - Emergence,Featured

Series finale already you may ask? Yes…unfortunately. We are nearing the end of the line with Emergence Episodes. It’s been a fun ride but all doors must close eventually. Although we may be done with zombies for a little while, we aren’t done with movies. We have a lot more great stuff to bring out in the future!

This episode is called “The Hunt” and is Part 1 of episode 10, the series finale. Part 2 will be released next Saturday. We all have been excited to release this episode because this is where everything is basically explained. The survivors have all come together at the hospital while Andrew is working on a fix for the serum. What happens next will be up to you to find out…

We hope you enjoy the episode and as always, leave us a comment below!


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