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Emergence Episodes Series Finale Part 2 (The Hunt)

By Brett on 02-05-11 - Emergence,Featured

And so we have reached the end. This is it folks. The final episode of Emergence Episodes.

It’s a bit sad actually. We have spent so much time on this project that it’s sad to see it end. Emergence has been 4 years in the making. It started with an idea that was developed in between classes for a year or so then we started planning and 135 pages later we had a script to build into a series.

We were really excited to see the amount of views we’ve had…approximately 650 different people have seen at least some of the series thus far. When we went into this project we never intended to really push it marketing-wise, we just thought what better way to learn the techniques quickly than to jump into something really ambitious and then after that anything we do from that point on should be a piece of cake. We found out we were right. Not only can you see a progression of improvement in this series, you can also see how much we’ve improved in our latest shorts and any future projects we produce.

It taught us many things but most importantly it allowed us to meet a number of really great people. This movie could not have been done if it wasn’t for the extreme hard work and dedication from all of our actors and crew members. They stuck with us through thick and thin and made this series possible. I especially want to thank our core crew members and our main actors as they stuck with us for two summers over a period of a year. Few people would be willing to dedicate that amount of time to an unpaid project but these guys really showed their passion for the project.

I would also like to thank our two composers who helped produce an amazing soundtrack, Juan Carlos Enriquez and Mark Jensen. Mark Jensen composed the majority of our soundtrack and he did a phenomenal job despite being across the Atlantic Ocean in Denmark! Several facebook messages were shared as well as a few Skype sessions to get the music finished up and we really appreciate all the work he dedicated to the project. Juan Carlos was also a big help in composing the initial episodes but unfortunately he was unable to continue because of all the busy work that comes with the Berklee School of Music! He also got a composing project with The History Channel…no big deal.

So without further adeu I present to you the epic conclusion to Emergence. We hope you enjoy.


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  1. Ann nonimuse
    Posted February 5, 2011

    I F***** alex!!!! not impressed!

  2. Travis Stroemer
    Posted February 6, 2011

    best episode yet! The nuke looked sooo bad ass haha great job guys

  3. Linda King
    Posted September 2, 2011


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