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The Final Emergence Trailer with RELEASE DATE!

By Brett on 11-01-10 - Emergence,Featured

November 20th is important.

Mark your calendars. Mark your phones. Mark your arm. Whatever it takes…make sure you’re free that day to watch none other than the PREMIERE OF EMERGENCE: EPISODES!

We’ll be releasing the first episode of Emergence on November 20th and will release a new episode once a week all the way until December 18th when something else special happens that day. You’ll have to wait on that little surprise.

We also have the final launch trailer! This trailer encompasses all that is Emergence and gives you an idea of what the story is all about. You’ll see clips from almost every episode.

Let us know what you think by commenting here. Be sure and tell all of your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and even the people you pass walking down the street! Also, thanks to all who voted for us on the Film Fights website! We won by a landslide! 60 votes versus the one below us with 24 votes…great job everyone!

Watch the trailer by reading more below…

Official Trailer #2

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