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FREE Emergence Wallpapers!

By Brett on 03-14-10 - Emergence,Featured

The surprise is here! We sat down one day thinking “What would be really fun to make that our fans would enjoy?” and the first thing (of many) that came to mind were free wallpapers! We’ve put together four high-quality desktop wallpapers to use on your laptop, computer or even iphone! Some of these include actual shots from the Emergence Production Stills Archive while others are simply designed to look awesome!

How to Use:
In order to use these wallpapers, you must determine what your screen resolution is. Once you’ve found that, simply download the corresponding file and you’ll have all four wallpapers in your screen resolution. The same goes for the iPhone! Can’t find your resolution? Try one of the others that has sizes larger than yours, chances are they’ll work. As a side note, 1920×1200 is the maximum size for a 16:10 widescreen monitor whereas 1920×1080 is the maximum we have for a 16:9 monitor. The 1024×768 is if you are using a non-widescreen 4:3 monitor.

So what are you waiting for? Click on “Read More” to download the new wallpapers and let us know what you think by leaving us a comment!

Emergence Name Wallpaper Emergence Arm Wallpaper
Emergence Shocked Wallpaper Emergence Syrum Wallpaper


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