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Help us Win the People’s Choice Award!

By Brett on 05-28-11 - Shorts

To the wonderful community of Infused Films, your time has come to show your dedication to the cause. It is time to rise up and take control of your destiny and show the world that you can make a difference.

A few weeks back we participated in a 48 hour Guerrilla Film Contest. A new award was announced last week: The People’s Choice Award.

The idea is simple. There are about 100-150 videos in the running for this contest. All the videos have been uploaded to YouTube by the festival coordinators. In the next few weeks our goal is to get as many views as humanly possible on our video. If we have the highest views we win $1000. A whole grand to put towards our next major film.

Here is what I want you to do.

  1. Watch the video. It’s awesome.
  2. Share the YouTube link I provide below with AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN! I don’t care if they are friends, family, co-workers or complete strangers…ok well maybe not complete strangers, but you get the idea.

My goal is to have 2500 views by the end of this Memorial Day weekend. I think we can do it, we have 180 or so. Thank you my friends and remember…


Link to Share:

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