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Infused Update + LEAKED Photo of the New Batman Trailer!

By Brett on 04-15-11 - General,Movie News

The first photo of the new Batman trailer is here! Can you believe it? Well you will have to wait until the end of the post to see it!

Production of Shattered Reflections is coming along nicely. We will be posting some cast profiles here shortly, you may have seen some over at the IndieGoGo page but we’re going to bring them over here as well so you can get to know some of our new cast members!

In addition, in the coming month or so we will have a new featured posting that relates to our past experiences in making a web series…more on that later. We’re also going to start posting some great news and insight into movies both Hollywood and Indie starting with this one below…a leaked photo of the new Batman trailer!

Yes. I’m sorry. That was mean. But honestly, we do have some exciting stories coming about new movies in the near future so stay tuned!

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  1. jen
    Posted May 15, 2011

    Ha! Humor is welcome after this 48 hr Odyssey!

  2. Posted May 16, 2011

    Yes it is! 48 hours of insanity!

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