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Spring Break at Infused Films

By Brett on 03-17-11 - General

Hey there!

Hope everyone out there is having a great Spring Break, assuming you are getting a break! It has been awhile since we have made a post. I’m happy to say it’s not because we have been lazy but instead we have been really busy!

Many of you have been asking about Poppy Warriors and what the progress is on the film so let me give you the scoop. The hard drive crashed. We did not have a backup (yes I know, it’s dumb). Good news is the hard drive is in the shop right now and we should be able to recover the files off of it. Unfortunately we’ll have to re-edit but it shouldn’t take too long. We have a lot of behind the scenes footage we’ll be putting together also for the future…can’t wait to show that because we had a blast on set.

(The Shameless Plug Version)

We are also working on another project called “Shattered Reflections.” This movie was written by one of our cast members, Stephanie Owens-Carter, from Emergence. Have a look at the story:

The story is about a woman named Kaitlin who has always struggled with winning the love of her mother over her more respected and beautiful sister, Sienna. When the life she created with her husband in hopes of gaining her mother’s affection starts to crumble, Kaitlin begins a downward spiral that ultimately leads her to take on the persona of her younger sister. Kaitlin unknowingly creates a separate life as Sienna that unravels as she becomes less and less herself and quickly faces the harsh realities of what her true life has become.

Pretty awesome! This movie is going to take awhile during production but we will be posting some media here and there about the cast and crew.

Now I know that our fans are great people so we wanted to see if you would be interested in sending some donations our way to help make this movie even better! We have a few scenes that require a budget so it would be great if we could make that happen. A link will be provided below to donate.

The cast and crew has done a great job thus far and we could not be happier about who we have been working with. The independent film community is full of amazingly talented individuals! Thanks everyone!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to IndieGoGo and donate! Every little bit helps!


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