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Summer Films: Thoughts on Transformers 3

By Brett on 07-02-11 - Movie News

Way back in the day I remember getting excited for Transformers. When I was a kid I had Transformers and was in love with them. For some reason I enjoyed just transforming these things from car to robot and vice versa. I didn’t really do anything else with them because they were just like every other action figure but that little bit of innovation was enough to keep me interested.

When the first movie came out my response was something like this: “Wow. THAT WAS EPIC!” Then a few years later I saw the second movie which was not as exciting but still was a traditional Michael Bay film with enough explosions to make your own brain explode.

Fast forward to 2011 and here we are with the release of the third transformers. I recently watched the first one again to prepare for this new one and on a second watch I realized a lot of the flaws in Transformers. It was full of action but the story was weak and the acting was poor. I realized the only hooks that gave me that feeling of “THAT WAS EPIC” was the following:

  • Explosions
  • Robots
  • Comedy
  • Megan Fox

That’s about it. And no joke about the last one…part of the reason I went was for Megan Fox. She looked pretty good in that movie, no lie.

Anyway, I walked out of the theater today after seeing Transformers 3 really happy. Yes the story wasn’t anything super original but what really hooked me in this time around was the character development. They actually took the first hour or so of the movie to build up the characters, and when I say characters I don’t just mean the humans, but also the robots. This movie ushered in the replacement for Megan Fox and I was impressed with her performance. Not only to she fit the bill for hot girlfriend but she also acted a lot better than Megan Fox. Her character actually had some purpose other than being hot. She was the one with the big time job and Sam at a low looking for a place. This really made a big difference for me. They also brought in some new little robots that were great characters in themselves. They had their own quirky little personalities and really added a nice touch to the overall film.

There were some parts that lacked congruency with the rest of the film but overall it was a pretty solid production from start to finish. The action and visual effects were even better than the previous two movies. I can’t imagine the amount of time that went into animating all the characters and all the effects. Some of the shots were so epic and would’ve been insane to compose.

I could go on and on about what they did right with this but I’d rather you just go and see it for yourself. One thing I do recommend…don’t see it in 3D. I feel like the experience would not have been as great had it been in 3D because the effects would’ve been overkill. The 2D helped me focus on the movie itself and not the crazy things flying at me.

In the end I realized one thing about these films: they are a lot like the toys. As I said above, the toys had some innovation they kept them exciting but other than that they were just like anything else. With Transformers, you won’t find epic action visual effects anywhere else and I think once you realize that that is what these movies are about…everyone will appreciate them much more.

If you haven’t seen it yet…here’s a trailer:

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