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Emergence Episodes Behind the Scenes #4

By Brett on 02-20-11 - Emergence,Making Of

And we’re back! This post is about two things: behind the scenes of Emergence and what we’ve been up to. It’s been a busy time here at Infused Films. We’re working on several projects that we cannot give details to yet but I can assure you…they are epic. Poppy Warriors is under some technical difficulties […]

Our Film Fights Short “FACEOFF”

By Brett on 10-17-10 - Featured,Shorts

We’re on a roll these days. A short film two weeks ago and yet another this week? What is this! It’s awesome…that’s what it is! Our next submission for the Film Fights contest is based around the theme of a monster mash in which we have to take any monsters and bring them together for […]

What’s to Come for Infused Films + Contest Winner

By Brett on 10-04-10 - Emergence,General,Shorts

We have a contest winner! The winning answer for Zombie Question of the Week #6 goes to Mike! He gave us a pretty good answer on his favorite weapon for a zombie attack: An automatic weapon with a large yet easy-to-reload magazine simply cannot be beat by anything else in practicality. Due to the highly […]