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“What are you going to be?” – A Short by Austin Morales

By Brett on 09-22-10 - Shorts

Austin Morales, one of the masterminds behind Infused Films, has released a short for his film project at the University of Texas at Arlington. This short is a unique look at how film defines his life. Get to know the director behind Emergence and even get a few never before seen clips of the Emergence […]

Care to Take a Course in Zombie Films?

By Brett on 09-11-10 - General

One of the zombies in Emergence: Episodes, Ted Strain, pointed this article out to us and it is something that is worth sharing. Now I don’t know much about the University of Baltimore but after reading this I have a new appreciation for their university. Say hello to “Media Genres.” A class that takes a […]

Zombie Question of the Week #2!

By Brett on 08-07-10 - Emergence,ZQOTW

And we’re back! This time with a new question, a new week and unfortunately no contest. Actually, your response would essentially be rewarded with our appreciation…which is a pretty good deal right? Last week our question had to do with the best cities to be in if a zombie apocalypse occurred. We received some pretty […]