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Infused Update + LEAKED Photo of the New Batman Trailer!

By Brett on 04-15-11 - General,Movie News

The first photo of the new Batman trailer is here! Can you believe it? Well you will have to wait until the end of the post to see it! Production of Shattered Reflections is coming along nicely. We will be posting some cast profiles here shortly, you may have seen some over at the IndieGoGo […]

Emergence Episodes Series Finale Part 2 (The Hunt)

By Brett on 02-05-11 - Emergence,Featured

And so we have reached the end. This is it folks. The final episode of Emergence Episodes. It’s a bit sad actually. We have spent so much time on this project that it’s sad to see it end. Emergence has been 4 years in the making. It started with an idea that was developed in […]

Emergence: Episode 6-”The End?”

By Brett on 12-25-10 - Emergence,Featured

Well here it is. Christmas Day. It’s a pretty wonderful day isn’t it? Hopefully everyone is out there spending time with their families and eating lots of food. Meanwhile, here in Emergence land, only the zombies are getting hearty meals. I would like to first wish everyone a very Merry Christmas on behalf of Infused […]

COMING SOON: Poppy Warriors

By Austin on 12-23-10 - Shorts

This past summer when we were filming Emergence: Episodes Caitlin, our Art Director, came to Brett and I with a short film idea called “Poppy Warriors.” A very gutsy, artsy and ambitious film with a lot of costumes, unique shots and many, many actors. After months and months of deliberation we decided to pick up […]

Emergence: Episode 5-”Betrayal”

By Brett on 12-18-10 - Emergence,Featured

Another Saturday, another episode of Emergence. This episode is the longest one so far just short of 12 minutes. There is an interesting story behind it as well. We’ll probably go into more detail later on when we release commentary on the episodes but i’ll give you a brief overview. In the first half of […]