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Emergence: Episodes SERIES PREMIERE

By Brett on 11-20-10 - Emergence,Featured

What is that you say? Series Premiere? Are you reading that correctly? I think so. We at Infused Films are proud to announce our SERIES PREMIERE of Emergence: Episodes! It’s been a long and exciting adventure and it is finally coming to a close. We’ve been working on this project for about two years and […]

The Final Emergence Trailer with RELEASE DATE!

By Brett on 11-01-10 - Emergence,Featured

November 20th is important. Mark your calendars. Mark your phones. Mark your arm. Whatever it takes…make sure you’re free that day to watch none other than the PREMIERE OF EMERGENCE: EPISODES! We’ll be releasing the first episode of Emergence on November 20th and will release a new episode once a week all the way until […]

What’s to Come for Infused Films + Contest Winner

By Brett on 10-04-10 - Emergence,General,Shorts

We have a contest winner! The winning answer for Zombie Question of the Week #6 goes to Mike! He gave us a pretty good answer on his favorite weapon for a zombie attack: An automatic weapon with a large yet easy-to-reload magazine simply cannot be beat by anything else in practicality. Due to the highly […]

PRIZE: Zombie Question of the Week #6

By Brett on 09-18-10 - Featured,ZQOTW

Thanks to everyone who responded last week! Interesting responses…people are starting to get pretty detailed with their descriptions which is awesome. Our favorite from last week was from Stephanie Owens-Carter. Here is what she said about how she thinks a zombie outbreak could occur: If zombies were to become a reality, I think it would […]