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Infused Update + LEAKED Photo of the New Batman Trailer!

By Brett on 04-15-11 - General,Movie News

The first photo of the new Batman trailer is here! Can you believe it? Well you will have to wait until the end of the post to see it! Production of Shattered Reflections is coming along nicely. We will be posting some cast profiles here shortly, you may have seen some over at the IndieGoGo […]

The Final Emergence Trailer with RELEASE DATE!

By Brett on 11-01-10 - Emergence,Featured

November 20th is important. Mark your calendars. Mark your phones. Mark your arm. Whatever it takes…make sure you’re free that day to watch none other than the PREMIERE OF EMERGENCE: EPISODES! We’ll be releasing the first episode of Emergence on November 20th and will release a new episode once a week all the way until […]

PROMO Trailer and Donations!

By Austin on 05-10-10 - Emergence

For the past two weeks we have been working on a promotional trailer to show what Emergence is all about to new fans. With this trailer we hope to get people interested in our film and donate to help fund our production this summer. The support of our fans can help us make this movie […]

Emergence Episodes Official Trailer

By Brett on 12-07-09 - Emergence,Featured

You’ve seen the teaser. Now watch the trailer. We now have our very first full trailer for Emergence Episodes. This trailer offers a glimpse at what is to come with the Emergence web series. As you’ll notice, the web series won’t be available until Fall 2010 when the entirety of the series is completed. However, […]

Emergence Teaser Trailer

By Brett on 11-26-09 - Emergence,Featured

For those that haven’t seen our teaser trailer yet…you definitely should check it out. It gives you a small taste of what is to come with our new Emergence web series. Check it out below!