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Vote for Emergence in Best Zombie Web Series!

By Brett on 07-10-11 - Emergence

So we were checking out our YouTube inbox the other day and came across something that was a bit of a surprise. A new website called “ZombiEpoch” is running a poll for the Best Zombie Web Series on the web and they nominated Emergence! This is pretty exciting as we’re up there with shows like […]

Emergence Episodes Behind the Scenes #5

By Brett on 03-19-11 - Emergence,Making Of

It’s a sad day. Today we are releasing the final piece of content for Emergence Episodes. You will see some shots from the final days of shooting and as you’ll see everyone said it sucked filming…mainly because the last few days we had them out there was in the blistering hot heat of Texas…in the […]

“I Want It Now” – Episode 6 Ending Dubbed Featurette

By Brett on 03-03-11 - Emergence,Shorts

There is a secret video stored deep within the vaults at the Infused Films studios that we have been waiting a long time to unveil. It has been dusted off and cleaned up and we are really excited to show it to you. We made this video about a year ago when we had finished […]

Emergence Episodes Behind the Scenes #4

By Brett on 02-20-11 - Emergence,Making Of

And we’re back! This post is about two things: behind the scenes of Emergence and what we’ve been up to. It’s been a busy time here at Infused Films. We’re working on several projects that we cannot give details to yet but I can assure you…they are epic. Poppy Warriors is under some technical difficulties […]

Emergence Episodes Behind the Scenes #3

By Brett on 02-09-11 - Emergence,Making Of

Just because Emergence has ended doesn’t mean we don’t have more videos to show you! We actually have 3 more even after this one…and then we’ll even have more videos after that with other projects. It’s crazy! This behind the scenes video shows a lot from the last few episodes such as episode 10 part […]