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Emergence Episodes Behind the Scenes #1

By Brett on 01-01-11 - Emergence,Making Of

Emergence is meant to be serious with a bit of laughter along the way. However what you haven’t seen yet, is all the laughter that went on behind the scenes. We spent a lot of time working on Emergence, met a lot of people and had a great time producing it. You’ll see it in […]

Emergence: Episode 6-”The End?”

By Brett on 12-25-10 - Emergence,Featured

Well here it is. Christmas Day. It’s a pretty wonderful day isn’t it? Hopefully everyone is out there spending time with their families and eating lots of food. Meanwhile, here in Emergence land, only the zombies are getting hearty meals. I would like to first wish everyone a very Merry Christmas on behalf of Infused […]

Emergence: Episode 5-”Betrayal”

By Brett on 12-18-10 - Emergence,Featured

Another Saturday, another episode of Emergence. This episode is the longest one so far just short of 12 minutes. There is an interesting story behind it as well. We’ll probably go into more detail later on when we release commentary on the episodes but i’ll give you a brief overview. In the first half of […]

Emergence: Episode 4-”The Hideout”

By Brett on 12-11-10 - Emergence,Featured

I have a confession to make. I don’t want to admit it but it must be done. We’re not doing so well at releasing our episodes at the same time. However, starting today, that will change…forever. Forever is quite a long time but I feel that the goal is definitely attainable. With the release of […]

Emergence: Episode 3-”New Friends”

By Brett on 12-04-10 - Emergence,Featured

We’ve started getting some feedback on the series…some good, some okay. I appreciate everyone who has left us comments. The comments are what help us improve our work. We read each and every one of them and take any criticism seriously so that we can keep on improving. Episode 3 has arrived and it is […]