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Tales Pilot Casting Call!

By Brett on 06-26-12 - Casting

We’re back with another casting call! Share this with everyone you know because we need a TON of extras for this one. If you have no experience, no big deal, we’ll still take you! Read on my friends…


Say goodbye to the world you thought you knew…that’s easier said and done for college student Adalyn Whitaker who’s just found out things aren’t quite right in this little world. She’s been let in on the big secret, faerie tales are real and they have been living amongst us. It is up to Adalyn, with help of her two best friends Millie the Muse and Sampson the Telekinetic and her mysterious and not so friendly guardian Jaren to stop a killer who is preying on these faerie tale creatures. Adalyn’s adventures will pit her up against the big bad wolf, the Fates, and her own morality, but will Adalyn have the courage to stand and fight?

What You Should Know:

This is an unpaid shoot that will include snacks and beverages for everyone but small meals will be provided for the main cast. Shooting of the film will take place in the DFW metroplex and this is NON-UNION.

Distribution will be through the internet and will be shot in 1080p HD.

Audition Date: July 3rd at 6PM in Arlington, TX

Shoot Dates: July 28th-29th

Click the Read More button below for the character breakdowns. Send all applications with a headshot and resume to with the character you’d like to audition for.

Character Breakdowns:

BARRETT – Adalyn’s boyfriend. Very much in love with Adalyn, corky, and everyday kind of handsome. Barrett would be considered the best boyfriend. A half-blood with no knowledge of what he is, Barrett must never know about Adalyn’s great responsibility.

MILLIE – Adalyn’s best friend. They’ve been childhood friends for 12 years. Seen as being tall. Millie is beautiful, sexual, and proud of whom she is. Secretly in love with Sampson but fills her time with other guys until Sampson tells her he loves her. She is a Muse which gives her the ability to inspire those around her. Millie will be the giver of advice to keep Adalyn’s strength up.

SAMPSON – Adalyn’s best friend. They’ve been childhood friends for 12 years. Seen as a Jack Black kind of character. Sweet, goofy, and a bit of a nerd. Obviously in love with Millie but believes he’s not good enough for her and too scared to tell her. He is a Telekinetic and is the cheerleader to keep Adalyn’s strength up

JAREN – Adalyn’s guardian and protector. Jaren is a gnome, along with being a gypsy witch. He’s a pure-blood gnome and cannot make enough glamour to hide his large ears, wears a beanie at all time. Seen as having curly or shaggy hair. He’s been watching Adalyn for weeks to make sure that she’s a pure human and to help her see the world for what it really is. Cold and distant, has no sympathy for Adalyn and her situation. He’s concerned about his job, and that is to protect Adalyn and to train her to stop the masked villain. Hides the want to be like everyone else.

CLOAKED VILLAIN – Will not see face of villain. No lines. Female.

REGGIE – a one time character. Head of the FACKA tournament league who takes the proceeds for what is supposed to be a children’s hospital donation and gives it to the masked villain.

BREANNA – a one time character. Reggie’s assistant for the FACKA tournament league. Knows what the proceeds are really going to and helps Reggie

JORDAN – a one time character. A passer buyer at the FACKA tournament who apparently at the last tournament got extremely inebriated.

JOGGING GUY – a one time character. A guy jogging at a gym that Adalyn mistakes for Jaren.

PROFESSOR – One of Adalyn’s many professors at her college. Is a half-blood demon and will be the first creature that Adalyn first sees for what they really are. Seen as a female.

TWO KICKBALL CAPTAINS – The FACKA tournament captains for both teams. Need to be athletic strong types, are both some form of creatures. Both male.

EIGHT KICKBALL PLAYERS – FACKA tournament players, athletic strong types, both male and female.


2 MONEY HANDLERS – EXTRAS – Will be involved in both scenes with Reggie and Breanna. No lines. Take money from patrons and count money to give to Reggie.

15-20 KICKBALL GAME WATCHERS – EXTRAS – Will be involved in FACKA tournament scene. Sitting, watching, eating, drinking, and having a good time in the back ground. Both male and females.

10-15 CAFETERIA COLLEGE STUDENTS – EXTRAS – Will be involved in cafeteria scene. Eating, drinking, having a good time in the back ground. Both male and females.

5 JOGGING TRACK STUDENTS – EXTRAS – Will be involved in jogging scene. Walking, running, jogging in the back ground. Both male and females.

10-15 CLASSROOM COLLEGE STUDENTS- EXTRAS – Will be involved in classroom scene. Sitting, studying, listening to professor in back ground. Will be shocked and surprised at Adalyn’s reaction to the professor. Both male and females.

15-20 PROMENADE COLLEGE STUDENTS – EXTRAS – Will be involved in Adalyn’s escape from her classroom scene. These extras will have creature make-up on their faces and should be willing to have that done. Will be standing, walking, talking, having a good time in back ground. They do not realize that they look different to one another. Both male and females.

Attention to all those that will be cast as extras, we will very much be interested in you being in multiple scenes where extras are needed. So please let us know what scenes you’d like to be involved in. Thank you.

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