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THE LIE – A Film Noir Short

By Brett on 12-09-10 - Shorts

What is this? A short film during the release of Emergence? Why yes it is! We have a new short to share with everyone!

This is another original story from Infused Films. You’ll see a new set of cast this time around and some improved production quality. We recently invested in a 50mm prime lens for our Canon 7D and it does some great capturing in low light so we decided to put it to the test!

In “The Lie,” Dominic Castle is an online news blogger who is on the hunt for his daughter’s killer. He runs into Vickie, his ex-mistress, who leads him to the killer’s apartment where he gets the surprise of his life.

Let us know what you think in the comments! We value everyone’s feedback. Also, the next episode of Emergence will be out around 6PM CST this Saturday!

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  1. Travis Stroemer
    Posted December 10, 2010

    very cool short, you guys are getting good!Acting was great cant wait for the next one!

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