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What’s to Come for Infused Films + Contest Winner

By Brett on 10-04-10 - Emergence,General,Shorts

We have a contest winner! The winning answer for Zombie Question of the Week #6 goes to Mike! He gave us a pretty good answer on his favorite weapon for a zombie attack:

An automatic weapon with a large yet easy-to-reload magazine simply cannot be beat by anything else in practicality. Due to the highly decayed state of zombie bodies, any projectile will achieve high penetration. Therefore, the determining factor is time spent reloading; a weapon that can be reloaded quickly yet infrequently will have maximal effectiveness. I would choose an AK47 with an extra-large magazine. An AK reload takes just a second, and since it’s so easy to fire, a large magazine would not come with a large reduction in accuracy.

Thanks Mike! We are taking a week off for the Zombie Question but will resume it again not this Saturday but the following Saturday. That doesn’t mean we won’t have any new content to show you guys though! We have a lot of things going on and I will outline a few after the break.

First thing is first: Film Fights-Bound by Revenge.
We still need votes! If you haven’t voted for the film yet there is still time! Visit Film Fights to vote. Once the contest has ended expect to see the video up on our shorts page.

Additional Shorts
We have more shorts coming your way! We’ll be entering another Film Fight next week with the subject “Monster Mash.” It’s all about monsters and we have a pretty cool idea in store for you guys!

Emergence: Episodes Release
We are getting closer to having a definitive release date. We are working out some logistics and soon will have a time in which we will be able to release the first episode. It’s coming along though and I can say you can expect to see it in the next six weeks!

October 31st, despite being Halloween, is going to be a pretty good day. Why? We’ll be releasing a full trailer featuring ALL of the episodes. This is going to be our promotional trailer to get everyone excited about the series and we can’t wait for you to see it.

Those of you that are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we are working out the premiere location and date but we can say it will probably be hosted at a local Movie Tavern. Details are coming soon…

That’s it! In the meantime, keep checking out our videos, go vote for “Bound by Revenge” and leave us comments on our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages!

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